The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary

Developed by an international team of experts, the primary focus of the marine life sanctuary is to become an innovative and sustainable marine life rescue, research and conservation center. Here wild dolphins, sea turtles and monk seals in need of rehabilitation will be able to recover and thrive in a natural environment prior to being released back into the wild, while also formerly captive dolphins can find a refuge where they can rehabilitate and re-learn their innate behaviors in a natural environment.

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation

Archipelagos is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to researching and defending biodiversity in the northeastern Mediterranean

With a results-oriented approach to animal welfare and ecosystem protection, in cooperation with local communities, for over two decades, Archipelagos’ has focused on:

  • Marine mammals and sea turtle conservation
  • Terrestrial and marine ecosystems research
  • Laboratory research
  • Citizen Science and awareness programs
  • Applied scientific education
  • Community engagement

International Partners & Supporters


The Foundation for Advice and Action in the Defense of Animals has supported AMLS with expert veterinary advice and fundraising support

The Netherlands fund has provided us with essential funding and expert advice allowing us to make substantial progress in the development of AMLS


Aligned with out goals of promoting responsible tourism and travel, Der Touristik provides long-term financial support

What our partners say about the AMLS

“The dedication of this team to provide a safe haven for dolphins is remarkable. They are looking for scalable solutions but always with the highest standard of care for the animals. We are proud to partner up with such a committed team.”

– Isabelle Beckermann,

“The municipality of Lipsi strongly supports the creation of the AMLS. We believe this project will be particularly important for our island and the communities that reside within it. It will pursue a truly innovative form of sustainable development, as well a probing international promotion for the rehabilitation of formerly captive dolphins. We consider that the form of targeted scientific tourism, resulting from the operation of the AMLS, will directly help Lipsi Islands’ development and status.”

– Fotis Mangos, Mayor of Lipsi

“DER Touristik Foundation’s support of the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary aims to create alternatives and a solution for the long-term rehabilitation of formerly commercially exploited dolphins and to give marine mammals a new habitat. The implementation of an awareness program to educate the public and travelers about animal welfare in tourism will be part of this program. We look forward to a close cooperation with Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation in order to bring this pioneer project to success.”

– DER Touristik Team

“The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is the first, and the most innovative of its kind, and that is why we, as experts in animal welfare in tourism are delighted to champion its support! The AMLS will provide progressive industries with an opportunity to create a ‘gold standard’ facility, that incorporates innovative infrastructure and technologies, that others will want to follow. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking project that is likely to pioneer a new age for marine mammal protection and refuge.”

– Helen Usher & Daniel Turner, ANIMONDIAL

“Orca Rescues Foundation is a very proud supporter of the AMLS and has been able to help with funding items for the veterinary clinic and will continue to do so. Now it is time to give as much support as possible to AMLS so that in the near future they will be able to accept these abused animals so that the rest of their lives can be lived and enjoyed in as near wild conditions.”

– Clive Martin, Orca Rescues Foundation

“We strongly believe that the sanctuary will become a permanent alternative for exploited dolphins that need to be rescued and rehabilitated in Europe. As a result of public awareness and policy changes, European dolphinaria are gradually starting to transform their activities reducing the use of dolphins, and the AMLS can provide a natural refuge for these needed animals.FAADA is committed with the sanctuary since the beginning providing veterinary advice and looking for funding as ambassadors in Spain because we believe we can repair the damage we have caused to dolphins by letting them re-learn their innate behaviors in a natural environment. ”

-Carla Cornella, Founder & President of FAADA